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Need a Neighbor? Submit Your Project Request

Wabash Valley Neighbors Helping Neighbors (WVNHN) is an easy-to-use platform that connects those in need with those who are able to offer a helping hand.

Volunteers are all around, but oftentimes those needs go unnoticed until they are brought to light. WVNHN has been created to find those needs in our community and create opportunities for volunteers to fulfill them.

What projects can I get help with?

Generally speaking, most projects that volunteers can assist with are simple projects that can be easily accomplished by individuals, families, or groups, and do not require special tools, advanced skills, or a long time to complete.

The following projects may be shared by you to request assistance from volunteers. 

Around the House

Furniture Assembly
Interior Painting*
Exterior Painting*
Gutter Cleanout*
Door Hardware Repair*
Toilet Repair*
Faucet Repair*
Drywall Patch*
Curtain/ Shelf Hanging*
Smoke Detector Installation

Lightbulb Replacement
Bike Repair
Simple Vehicle Repair
Simple Home Repair*
Stair / Handrail Repair*
Grab Bar Installation*

Helping Hand

Technology Assistance
Paperwork Assistance
Friendly Phone Call or Visit
Meal Preparation
Need a Ride
Pickup / Delivery
Moving Assistance

Around the Yard

Yard Cleanup
Yard Mowing
Leaf Raking
Landscaping Projects*
Snow Removal
Yard Barn Repair*
Fence Repairs*

*Deeded ownership of the home is required for these projects

Important Project Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to projects:

  • Projects must be submitted by the neighbor actually requesting the assistance. We do not share projects entered by referral organizations or third parties. 
  • In this initial launching phase, projects in Vigo County are being accepted.
  • Because we are unable to do alterations on a home without the permission of the owner, the projects listed above marked with an asterisk (*) require you to be the deeded owner of the home in order to be considered.
  • Projects on rental properties that require altering the property or are the responsibility of the landlord will not be accepted.
  • Up to 3 projects per household at one time can be submitted and active and projects which are not completed automatically expire after 6 months.
  • Projects that are too difficult for a typical volunteer to do in under a few hours (such as projects that require licensed contractors or complex projects such as foundation or structural repairs, roof replacements, or HVAC systems) will not be accepted.
  • Because this is a volunteer-based program, we cannot guarantee your project will be completed, so it is not well suited for emergency repairs. 
  • Projects are not completed in the order they are submitted, so we encourage you to seek other forms of assistance while you wait for a volunteer to adopt your project.
How does the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program work?
  • To submit a project request, neighbors must fill out a form telling us about themselves and their project information and must electronically sign a Waiver of Release and Liability. The person submitting the project must be the person needing assistance, requests cannot be submitted by a third party for a neighbor.
  • After filling out the form and agreeing to the Waiver, your request will enter moderation and will not be approved until it is reviewed by a staff member.
  • Staff members ensure the project is something that volunteers can accomplish, it is located in the zip codes we currently serve, and information is complete and correct, and the project meets our criteria before approving it.
  • If the project is something we can make available to volunteers, you will receive an email informing them that their request has been approved and is available for volunteers to adopt and complete.
  • Once a project has been approved, volunteers can adopt the project and will contact the neighbor to arrange a time to meet and complete the project. 
  • If your project does not meet our criteria, you will receive an email notifying you that your request has been denied and reiterating our project criteria. If you have another request that fits our criteria, you are welcome to return to the site and submit another request.
  • We can post up to 3 projects at one time per household. Please only post one request per project.
  • Projects expire in 6 months if they are not adopted by volunteers, but neighbors are welcome to return to the website and post them again. Because this is a volunteer-based program, we cannot ensure your project will be completed so it is not best suited for emergency repairs. Additionally, projects are not completed in the order they are submitted, so we encourage you to seek other forms of assistance while you wait for a volunteer to adopt your project.

We hope that we are able to connect you with a community member to provide assistance. If you have any questions, please email

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